The Great Escape

Opposite Lock
Dec 07 2020

With international travel borders on hold due to the global pandemic, Australian’s desire to explore the great outdoors and discover the natural beauty of our nation has amplified. In addition, the ongoing trend in car personalisation, growth in local tourism, camping and towing, are some of the key 4WD category drivers that the team at Opposite Lock are witnessing. So we asked Gordon from Opposite Lock South Sydney for his expert advise on how to plan for your next great escape.

1. The first thing we recommend doing is working out where you want to sleep. Whether you are happy to go literal five stars, with a swag and an awning, or you want a comfy bed in your van, a tent or even hotel rooms, or a combination of all of the above, setting this expectation now can guide the rest of your trip planning.
2. Once you know where you want to sleep and have your budget, Australia is your oyster, and you can get started with planning your itinerary. We recommend by starting with your “must do this trip” destinations list and see if you can line them up to create a rough map to guide you on your way and organise your timings.
3. The next step is to set your budget. Our expert travellers tell us that food, fuel, and accommodation are the biggest expenses. Driving around with a swag and an awning might be your cheapest option if you don’t need too much more gear and are happy to rough it. If you decide that roughing it is not your thing, hotel accommodation and a decent self-sufficient vehicle set up for a one or two night stint on the road, may work out cheaper than getting a whole new tow vehicle and van.
4. Now you know where you are going and how much cash you have to spend, we get to our favourite part, setting up your vehicle. Whether you are purchasing a new rig or updating old faithful, we recommend getting down to your local Opposite Lock store and chatting to the team about where you are headed and what you want to do. From there they can provide a recommendation on the best set up for you; be it a suspension, brake or lighting upgrade, a towing package, rook rack and storage solutions, auxiliary power, a protection package or even some camping gear.
5. Our final tip before you head off is to make sure you have the life admin stuff sorted. Ensure your vehicle has had a robust mechanical inspection, your rego is current, and your insurance and roadside assistance covers where you are headed and what you are planning on doing. If you are planning a longer escape you may need to organise a house or pet sitter. We also recommend redirecting your mail or organising someone you trust to collect and open it. Finally, always arrange to leave an itinerary and contact details with someone in case things don’t quite go to plan.


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The Great Escape

With international travel borders on hold due to the global pandemic, Australian’s desire to explore the great outdoors and discover the natural beauty of our nation has amplified

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